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Did I ever tell you how you saved me? Could you have known all along? I don’t think so. I guess you could have known, you always surprised me with how much you knew, but on this…it’s so hard to tell. I suppose that doesn’t matter now. What matters is how gently you caught me before I even realized I was falling. You wrapped me in stories; novels, essays, classics and contemporary. Sometimes, my favorite times, your own stories. Of course I wasn’t done falling, not even close. Hell, I’m still not. Every time I think I’ve hit bottom it turns out just to be a cloud and I burst through; my own soul thundering and raining down in so many pieces. And yet you were there in the beginning. You saw me drift of course, stumble and fall before I even knew I’d taken a misstep. So each time I remember that, at least once, someone noticed.


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